Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scrap Stash Buster -Part 2

We just got back from a mini vacation and although I tried to get these completed (Scrap Stash Buster) layouts posted before we left, I simply ran out of time.  Such is life. :)    

You can read all about how I challenged myself to use up the majority of my scrap stash here.   Overall I created  13 layout bases using up the scraps in my overflowing scrap basket.  Even though I have been super busy, I managed to complete the rest of the layouts in a couple of days.  When I had a few minutes free, I used that time to add photos, embellishments, and journaling.  I also worked on more than one layout at a time.  Which is new for me.  I found that while I had my embellishments/ letter stickers out, it was pretty convenient to add a little something here and there to each of the layouts I had in progress,  and since a lot of the layouts had some of the same colors/patterns/etc. the embellishments would work for more than one layout.  It was a big time saver, since I didn't have to pull out the embellishments over and over to coordinate with each layout. 

In my original challenge, I said that I had to use everything I create, like it or not.  Well, there was one layout base that I got a little crazy with the stencils and spray inks.  It didn't end up as a layout, but I used some of my punches and created lots of little embellishments for future projects.  So, it didn't go to waste! :)

I am very happy with all the layouts I created and about using up what was in my scrap basket.  I even rewarded myself with a few new supplies!

Without further ado, here are the final seven layouts: 

*  This was my favorite layout of the bunch!  I challenged myself to use some of my unloved, barely used stamps, watercolors, embossing powder, and a few odds in ends that have been sitting in my embellishment drawer for too long.    

A parting note:
I tend to over-think when creating, so this process and my time limitations really helped me to just do it and not put so much thought into every single detail, like I normally do.  It was a very liberating and time-freeing process.  I encourage you to set some limitations and force yourself not to over-think the creative process.  Just let your whim and intuition take over.  You may not love the final product... but then again you MAY! :) 


Cynthia said...

Oh BOY do I ever love your pages!! The colors and layers are just gorgeous and the photos are too!! And using up your scraps?? Awesome!! And congrats on your shout-out over on Shimelle's page! =D

soapHOUSEmama said...

Amazing work, as always!!!!

jmuir said...

on your layout its all in the smile what co is the chevron paper
love your work

jmuir said...

on your layout its all in the smile what co is the chevron paper
love your work

Kelly said...

jmuir, that chevron is from My Mind's Eye,it is from the Bright Side collection. Thanks for your kind words! :)

Annette said...

I'm so enjoying looking over your blog this morning. I adore your style, and all these beautiful LOs created from your scrap basket are wonderful. What a great idea for a challenge.

Lisa-Jane said...

Well I certainly love all of them and I have pinned lots of your stuff today. I am glad Shimelle picked you out and that I clicked on your page because I am thoroughly enjoying perusing your wonderful layouts.