Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shimelle's Blog Challenge #4

I chose to use blue as my 3rd choice for the color challenge.  This was a quick scrap for me.  I love grey and yellow together.  I have wanted to scrap these pictures for a while and the color scheme is perfect for them.  This is Keith's new baby.  A 1969 Dodge Dart.  It is the exact color and style of his first car.  It is not the actual Dart he had in High School....that one is in the garage waiting to be restored.  He found his actual car out west of town, sitting in an old field.  He bought it.  It is going to require a lot of work.  The good thing about this car, is that it is pretty much ready to go. It just needs a few things and it will be ready to take cruising.  :)  


Cynthia said...

What a gorgeous car! =D The layout is perfect for it!! Great embellishments too!

julandmatt said...

Great Layout...people just love their cars - don't we!