Thursday, January 11, 2007

Curves... and Renewal... and such.

Life throws curves... that is always a certainty. I am in one of those places where the curve can head up to higher ground or the curve can head down to places I don't want to be... it is up to me to decide which way it will be. The attitude I decide to carry will make or break me . I choose not to let resentment, fear, or bitterness live in my heart or head. I choose to forgive, heal, and grow. It is time for renewal and I welcome it with open arms.
Father God, it is my prayer you will: Renew, Heal, Restore, and Grow me up.
Art Journal spreads I created with the word "Renewal" in mind. I have really been drawn to the color red lately. Lots of symbology in these spreads for me. My favorite is the crying baby in the bottom spread. That is how I feel throwing a big screaming fit, just like the baby in the photo! :) Hence my prayer, that God will grow me up! LOL!
----------------------------------------------------------------- This song speaks volumes and is true to my decision of how to handle this curve. It is called Strong Tower by an awesome band called Kutless: When I wander through the desert And I'm longing for my home All my dreams have gone astray When I'm stranded in the valley And I'm tired and all alone It seems like I've lost my way I go running to Your moutain Where your mercy sets me free (chorus) You are my strong tower Shelter over me Beautiful and mighty Everlasting King You are my strong tower Fortress when I'm weak Your name is true and holy And Your face is all I seek In the middle of my darkness In the midst of all my fear You're my refuge and my hope When the storm of life is raging And the thunder's all I hear You speak softly to my soul

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