Saturday, December 30, 2006

Psalms 19:1

On his way out the door to catch his school bus, Tristan hollered "Mom, you have got to comes see this!" I come running; a little worried about what I might find, due to his exuberant and urgent tone. I come to the door quickly, not sure what to expect. He is pointing and staring up at the sky in wonder and awe. To my absolute pleasure, I behold this gorgeous December sun rise. It was a wonderful early morning treat! Tristan and I got to enjoy this moment together… BONUS! Even more delightful than the beautiful December sunrise, to me, was the fact that Tristan was so captivated at God’s beautiful creation. The boy is just smart like that. :) I think Psalms 19:1 fits this photo perfectly. Beautiful. Awesome. Inspiring. Oh... if you click on the picture and save it to your hard drive, it is the perfect size for a background wallpaper. Feel free to snag it! :)

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