Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tiny Collage Squares

I was inspired to make tiny collage squares by reading an article at Lisa Vollrath's site, called Go Make Something. These little gems measure in at a great big 1.5" x 1.5". Can you believe alot of people do even smaller ones than that? They actually go pretty fast, even for a slow-poke artist like myself. I made about 2 dozen in about a 3 hour period. I decided that the tiny square collages needed to be displayed, and so I painted, collaged, and decorated the teracotta pot to match found some cool looking dead branches and voila'... a collage tree! I am using this as a Christmas display on a shelf, so I added some dried berry twigs, some ribbon, and applied some glitter to the branches for a little extra bling.
My 8 year old son, Tristan, said it was "beautiful". Ahhhh... he is my sweetest critic!
After finishing the tree... I had another bright idea for the tiny collages I had left over. I found some little charm frames called, Memory Frames from Ranger Ink. They are perfect for this!
I added a litte ribbon and mailed them off to my friends as a little Christmas gift. They can use them as a tree ornament or even a necklace, if they wanted to. They have been a hit so far!
A tip.... Ranger ink makes the glass to fit the frames, but you have to keep your collage very flat or the glass won't fit.

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